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ESPN Ithaca’s Night of Champions!

2016 Athlete & Coach Award Recipients

Award recipients were determined by ESPN Ithaca’s Selection Committee and area Athletic Directors, taking into account each athlete’s overall performance in their sport. Each recipient maintained a minimum grade average of 85 with no disciplinary issues.

FALL Season Outstanding Scholar-Athletes

Football: Jared Lyon – Moravia

Boys Soccer: Ben Kutler – Lansing

Girls Soccer: Taylor Bennett – Dryden

Boys Cross Country: Jake Avery – Ithaca

Girls Cross Country: Maggie Bond – Watkins Glen

Field Hockey: Kelsey Pierce – Spencer- Van Etten

Girls Volleyball: Autumn Wells – Moravia

Girls Swimming: Annika Browning – Ithaca

Girls Tennis: Asha Duhan – Ithaca

FALL Season Outstanding Coaches

Football: Brian Sherwood – Newark Valley

Boys Soccer: Gilbert Antoine – Ithaca

Girls Soccer: Janine Bennett – Dryden

Boys Cross Country: John Fazzary – Watkins Glen

Girls Cross Country: Brian Trippany – Newark Valley

Field Hockey: Karen Funk – Marathon

Girls Volleyball: Angela McLennan – Trumansburg

Girls Swimming: Diane Hicks-Hughes – Lansing

Girls Tennis: Shane Taylor – Ithaca

WINTER Season Outstanding Scholar-Athletes

Boys Bowling: Kyle Pratt – Newark Valley

Girls Bowling: Nicole Gates – Candor

Boys Swimming: Kevin Miller – Ithaca

Boys Basketball: Ali Abel-Ferretti – Dryden

Girls Basketball: Emily Kopp – Southern Cayuga

Boys Hockey: Brandon Shirley – Ithaca

Girls Hockey: Devin Baylor – Ithaca

Boys Indoor Track & Field: Evan DeGraw – Union Springs

Girls Indoor Track & Field: Abbey Yatsko – Dryden

Cheerleading: Kiera Malarkey – Newark Valley

Wrestling: Ian Chedzoy – Watkins Glen

WINTER Season Outstanding Coaches

Boys Bowling: Ed Pratt – Newark Valley

Girls Bowling: Tom Strong – Odessa-Montour

Boys Swimming: Mike Blakely-Armitage – Ithaca

Boys Basketball: Todd Mulvaney – Moravia

Girls Basketball: Ed Heslop – Southern Cayuga

Boys Hockey: Paul Zarach – Ithaca

Girls Hockey: Emily Grippin – Ithaca

Boys Indoor Track & Field: Neil DeRaiche – Trumansburg

Girls Indoor Track & Field: Matt Scheffler – Lansing

Cheerleading: Lorisa Bates – Candor

Wrestling: Wil Avery – Dryden

SPRING Season Outstanding Scholar-Athletes

Baseball: Ben Kutler – Lansing

Softball: Grace Van Horn – Union Springs

Boys Golf: Dan Lapp – Trumansburg

Girls Golf: Hanley Elliott – Watkins Glen

Boys Lacrosse: Gavin Marsh – Dryden

Girls Lacrosse: Adele Lawless – Ithaca

Boys Tennis: Zoli Csaki – Lansing

Boys Outdoor Track & Field: Dan Harden – Marathon

Girls Outdoor Track & Field: Courtney McNeil – Newark Valley

SPRING Season Outstanding Coaches

Baseball: Stu Dean – Lansing

Softball: Jim Bona – Union Springs

Boys Golf: Rob Reakes – Trumansburg

Girls Golf: Chris Clark – Watkins Glen

Boys Lacrosse: Chris Dotson – Dryden

Girls Lacrosse: Lyn Reitenbach – Ithaca

Boys Tennis: Mike Bryant – Lansing

Boys Outdoor Track & Field: Skip Strobel – Odessa-Montour

Girls Outdoor Track & Field: Brian Tripanny – Newark Valley

Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Emily Kopp – Southern Cayuga

Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Jared Lyon – Moravia

Coach of the Year in a Girls Sport: Brian Trippany – Newark Valley 

Coach of the Year in a Boys Sport: Todd Mulvaney – Moravia

Note: To be eligible for ESPN Ithaca’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year Awards, each athlete must be a senior, participate in at least two varsity sports and maintain a minimum grade average of 85 with no disciplinary issues.